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Digital Tools

The HatchBeauty Brands Trend Lab is an in-house, state-of-the-art analytics platform that drives profitable decision making by aggregating and demystifying predictive data. Our software and researchers leverage billions of signals from Google search, social media, and ecomm market data to predict enduring emerging trends, separating signal from noise and highlighting durable whitespace opportunities.

The Trend Lab is able to understand, at a glance, where a trend is in its life cycle without the guesswork. Our platform provides tailored recommendations to help our team understand the magnitude and context of trends most relevant to us and our partners. It plays a critical role in all of our new product and brand development, launches and recommendations.

  • 1 Deep Historical Database to
    Back-Test Ideas and Trend Theses
  • 2 In house crawlers extract data from hundreds of sources
  • 3 Leverages unique Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence processes and algorithms to generate proprietary analytics and quantitative trend forecasting

Through this suite of tools, we can take insights mined from social and digital conversations to predict trends up to three, six and twelve months in advance.



Our Trend Lab also produces bi-annual and customized reports that serve as a source of consumer insight and industry trend expertise for our retail partners. Information from these reports guides brand incubation. Additionally, their insights are featured in key industry publications such as Cosmetic Executive Women, Global Cosmetic Industries, Happi, and Beauty Independent.

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Trendalytics is a wholly owned subsidiary of HatchBeauty Brands