Orlando Pita Play
At costco

Turning an artist's passion for touchable hair into a successful brand.

Launched in 2012, Orlando Pita has grown from a two- SKU Costco line to generate more than $100M in sales.

The namesake of celebrity hairdresser, Orlando Pita, the brand boasts a multi-platform approach to haircare with the goal of giving women runway-worthy hair from the comfort of their own home.


When we started working with Orlando in 2012, we were drawn to his client roster and his passion for touchable hair. Leveraging a salon-quality platform, we immediately looked for a retail partner whose base would resonate with Orlando's story. Leveraging both data and relationships, we decided that Costco and the trending ingredient argan oil were a perfect match for Orlando's brand.

This 9 year partnership resulted in over 10 exclusive products, a prestige DOTcom offering and a robust Amazon business.