Delivering at
Rapid Speed

Leveraging our partnerships and quick-to-market capabilities to deliver in a pandemic.

In March of 2020, it became clear that business as usual had changed as retail partners slowed ordering on non-essential items and scrambled to fill their shelves with hand sanitizer and other PPE. In this moment, HatchBeauty Brands realized our model, one that has always been rooted in partnering with retailers to build brands and products, was more relevant than ever.


As such, we tapped our network of vendors and partners and quickly shifted our production schedule to accommodate an essential need of our retail partners--Hand Sanitizer. 

In a record six weeks time, we delivered our first order of Hand Sanitizer to CVS and quickly followed with a value size that debuted at Sam’s Club a few weeks after that. 

In total, we produced 7M units of Hand Sanitizer (enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool and then some) in six short months.